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3 Tips To Keep Your Car Garbage Free

Nowadays we use our cars for all sorts of things. They can be wardrobes on wheels, for those of us who are fashionably late. Some of us multitaskers use them as moving desks for finalizing presentations before key meetings. Some of us night owls convert them into traveling beds for quick power naps before entering the office. And some of us use them to get from point A to point B while fulfilling some basic human needs like eating. Everyone is different and each one of us has a behavior that works for her/him.

So with all that load of activities being fitted in such a small space, how can you keep your car organized?

In a survey we shared last week, 30.6% the Snapbag community stated that their cars get filled up with mess somewhat often, 12.2% pointed out that this happens very often, and 32.7% said that their cars get filled with mess extremely often!

Here are some tips to keep you afloat:

1: Dispose of waste in a plastic bag (preferably a biodegradable or recyclable one). But note that this should be a temporary solution because a plastic bag with waste can put your safety and the public safety in danger if, at every turn of the wheel you are paying attention to its movement, odor, or sound.

Snapbag eliminates this issue by accomodating a disposable plastic bag which is always at the same place whenever you need it, and it does not move an inch due to the strong mechanism that attaches it to the seat. Snapbag aso eliminates the odor of the waste due to the firm closure that prevents the trash from interacting with the car’s interior environment.

2: Take out the trash every day and avoid leaving one day’s waste in the car until the next in order not to accumulate a huge amount which makes your car environment an unhealthy one. If you succeed with maintaining this habit for the long run, then please tell us how! We know that such behavior requires a significant amount of time and discipline, and we all have more important things to worry about than to walk around with our cars’ waste!

Snapbag eliminates the need for such behavior by having a large capacity and a reliable structure that maintains its performance as efficient when it is full as when empty. Plus it expands progressively to preserve legroom.

3: Stay mindful of your activities while driving so that you do not find yourself driving with waste all around you when someone wants to tag along in your car, which gives a bad impression. At least remember where everything is piled to save some face 😂.

All of these are temporary solutions that can minimize the accumulation of trash in our cars. But what we all need is a solid waste management system in our cars that makes organizing our environment on the go an effortless habit, which is exactly what Snapabag does. It just comes in handy when we need our habits the most: when we’re focusing on the road. Instead of wasting our energy on a matter as trivial as keeping our cars’ interiors clean, Snapbag lets us systemize the process for an always clean car. Find out more here.

Snapbag is a car waste bin designed as an answer to your need for staying organized on the go. Enter your email here to reserve your spot for ordering Snapbag at 40% off.

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