4 Positive Effects Cleaning Your Car’s Interior Has On You

We all have experienced in one way or another the impact of organizing a space that we physically occupy on our concentration, mental well-being, mood, and overall state-of-mind.

Have you ever noticed the positive change in your mood after driving out of the car wash, with your ride all shiny on the outside, and fresh as new on the inside? Awesome feeling right? You feel like your car now gives the neat impression that you would like to give to the world. And what really feels different in a more tangible way, is the freshness on the inside of your car. No clutter to worry about when you get in or out of your vehicle as you reach your destination, no stressing over pieces of trash getting under the seats, and no food leftovers that can stain your clothes or your car’s interior material.

But life keeps happening and you’ll keep having your snacks and beverages on your way to work, and other destinations. So, unfortunately, that awesome fresh feeling only lasts for a couple of days, and then the cycle continues. Again, in no time, sandwich wrappers and others of your loyal waste companions fill up the seat next to you and give you their unwanted opinion on life at every steer of the wheel, by their unique form of communication using sounds, movements, and smells.

Below are reasons to consider taking a proactive approach instead of reactive one towards managing the waste in your car.

1: Improved mood

To a big extent, your mood/feelings are a result of your behaviors and thoughts, and all three co-create each other. For instance, you behave in a certain way because you thought of something or because you felt something. You also get certain feelings if you behave in a certain ways. You can think of something, then get a certain feeling linked to the thoughts you had, so you behave in a certain way. You can even behave, then feel, and then think. Regardless of the order in which these three happen, rest assured that your mood will be elevated if you do not have to think about, behave in response to, or get a feeling regarding the mess that surrounds you in a small space that is your car.

2: More Concentration

Thankfully, nowadays tasks like calling someone or sending an email, can be done without physically touching your phone while driving with the help of artificial intelligence technologies like Siri and Google Assistant. But there’s only so much you can focus on if you have waste moving all around you in a moving car that you are controlling.

If the nature of your work requires getting things done on the go, like phone calls to clients or to your team, you need to do so while concentrating on the road so that you do not put your safety and the public safety in danger.

Even composing an email in your parked vehicle can be a tougher task to make in a cluttered car with all the mess around you.

3: Less Stress Caused by Clutter

Just like being present in a messy room drains your power and stresses you, so does commuting in a cluttered car.

4: Productivity Boost

We all have a limited stock of energy to spend during our days. An organized environment optimizes the needed cognitive efforts to get something done, which while driving can be as little as remembering the tasks you need to get done when you reach your destination.


Most of us adopt a reactive approach to decluttering our environment, like allocating a day or two of the week for organizational purposes. But that is more time consuming than addressing our waste management in our vehicles in a more systematic and proactive technique like when you use car waste bins and gadgets like SnapBag which prevent the accumulation of waste in the first place, and hence, eliminates the need to declutter periodically and keeps our cars clean at all times.


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