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5 things you find when cleaning your car interior (that don’t belong there)

Cleaning your car interior can be a terrifying thing for some, and it can be an enjoyable activity for others. Before Snapbag, we used to see it as a journey of discovery, why?

Here is a list of the things that we encountered the most while cleaning our cars (and that they don’t belong there):

USB Drives

These are great, they act just like a time capsule. In them, you find the projects you were working on 2 years ago, your pictures from the summer vacation that you forgot you took, your work assignments, and all kinds of things you forgot existed.

You can hardly remember the last time you used them, and files keep popping up. They are great to help you reconnect some neural pathways for the memories you nearly lost.


Metal Coins

It’s always good to find some cash, but what’s better is finding, in the form of money, the source of that annoying metal sound you’ve been hearing at each turn of the wheel thinking it was caused by a serious problem in the car.





The croissant you did not finish from last month


Remember the tender buttery croissant/muffin you had on your way to work?

Well, that was last month and it became hard as a rock.

Throw that thing away 😆




Empty Bottles of water

And when they are not completely empty,

you think they would suffice to keep you hydrated for an entire zombie apocalypse.




Chewing Gums.

That’s a messy one… How did it get to where you found it?

Who are we to judge.

Enough reading for now, head over to to discover the ultimate car waste bin.

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