Recycling: why bother?


Here’s a brief history of “recycling” as we know it, and an answer to the question above:

Currently we’re always taken away by everything that’s new, we nearly forget about the old, the used, and the expired. Pause for a second and ask yourself, where does all the waste we generate go to?

In the not so distant past, waste used to go directly to open landfills which were prevalent in different areas. The industrial era has made it very easy to replace the goods sold, pushing a use-and-throw state of mind among consumers. Recycling was not perceived to be needed. People thought they had endless supplies of resources.

It wasn’t until the 1960s and 1970s environmental movement, in which the first earth day in 1970 saw the light, pushing the notion of recycling and environmental consciousness to the American culture.

Fast forward to today, fortunately, many laws enforce recycling in manufacturing and across diversified industries, to decrease the harmful environmental impact of untreated and unrecycled waste.

Great, then the problem is solved! Not entirely:

At the end of the day, it all comes to the individuals’ choice of either taking the environmentally conscious road or indirectly tossing waste in a landfill where they can’t see it by not properly sorting their waste. This slowly and gradually causes all sorts of harms on living organisms, including humans.

Make the right choice. And form positive habits to keep your environment healthy and to live sustainably.

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