Why won’t your car come with a waste bin?

If you look at the latest car brands’ releases for this year, you can’t but be amazed by the progress that the automotive industry keeps witnessing. Today, incredibly futuristic car designs, sharp led lights, AI assisting and self-driven cars roam our everyday roads. Our vehicles are more capable than ever on all levels.

The G20 headlights with laser beams; newest BMW 3 series.

The cars of today combine seamless design, functionality, and comfort for a driving experience that heightens the senses.
Functions that were previously only available in the highest car brand series now come as standards in the most basic models.


What car brands seem to be neglecting though, is the fact that their users’ lives are faster than ever, which require many of the basic human needs to be performed on the go, and we’re talking about needs as simple as eating a “to-go lunch” while heading to the next meeting. These activities are here to stay and there is no doubt that humans’ lives have been increasingly getting busier, and will continue to do so.

You would expect the major car brands which engage in extensive R&D activities to be more understanding of these users’ behaviors, but for some reason, the drivers are still expected to fill their cars with third-party tools that, most of the times, negatively affect the interior design of the car.
To this date, cars still come without a basic waste compartment to help drivers manage their waste on the go, and to avoid turning the car into a trash bin on wheels.
You can find plenty of solutions on the market to manage your waste in the car but most focus on one aspect and neglect others.

We have asked ourselves why? why don’t our cars come with a waste bin? We found no definitive answer. So we challenged ourselves to create a car waste system, we wanted to preserve every single function of our vehicles while having the functionality of a waste disposal in the car. Then Snapbag car waste bin came to life, to seamlessly blend with your car thanks to well-researched material and color choices while giving you all the functionality you need. We want to push the boundaries even further by introducing a recycling pack so that we can sort waste on the go, for the first time. You can check more on our website.

We hope that cars start innovating in new areas to further disrupt the way we navigate this mobile world we live in.

But don’t wait until your car comes equipped with a standard waste compartment. Start using Snapbag to manage your waste on the go! 🙂

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